Before you waste your time with this, ask yourself something.

Are you a dreamer?

Do you think visually?

Have you ever seen an image or heard a song that just resonates with you,

holds you,

grips you,

pulls you in so much the rest of the world falls silent?

If you're a dreamer, then you need to read Angelboy.

Full stop.


My artwork has been called dark, moody, cerebral, memorable, evocative, and intense.

And people are calling it lots of other things on Amazon. Go look, I'll wait.

The Story.

The boy dies.
He returns to life as an angel.
Why was I murdered? No one can see him or hear him. What on earth happened to me?
While he's discovering these things, he finds out he's not alone in this invisible world. Demons come out of people's anger, despair and hatred.
He fights them in hand-to-hand combat.
And what he fights for is something more valuable than the earth itself...
A single soul.

Here's the short version: Angelboy is chock-full of everything I LOVE TO DRAW.

It looks like real-life, but it's expressive too, and everything's kind of grungy because I like that sort of thing. And it's all dark and emotional and there's so much detail, and then it's thrilling and when the monsters arrive, it's like this epic over-the-top action, angels vs. demons and you could feel them rushing by you as your eye is guided around the page and it's totally amazing!! 

Angelboy is everything I want in a comic. How about you?

My Story.

By day, I'm a normal girl who codes. On the evenings and weekends, I become the writer, artist publisher of Angelboy.

When I come home from work in the evenings, I can't wait to create something-- Whether I'm drawing, writing, painting, or just dreaming, I just can't wait to do it! I love the story and the process so much, my emotions just keeps spilling out my work. I'm serious...!

When I opened up a copy of volume 1... I could see that she had placed a bit of her soul in each page of this book.
Seth Greenwood

If you've already enjoyed Volume 1... thank you. 
I'm so grateful for the fans who've formed a personal relationship with my work, and really made it their own.

That's my story concerning Angelboy. what will yours be?

ANGELBOY is a beautifully illustrated Manga comic that delivers when it comes to plot, depth and anticipation. The illustrations are superb — Beguesse is a gifted Manga artist and her artwork alone makes this book worth reading. They’re evocative and memorable and they work well with the compelling storyline, which has slightly Christian overtones. On the one hand, the story is simple enough — good versus evil; on the other hand, there’s enough plot depth, bloodshed and violence to make this a bit of a thriller - the reader never knows what will happen next....
— IndieReader

Angelboy Volume 2!

Angelboy Volume 2 is available now!