Read once. Remember forever.

Angelboy is the webcomic you can only read once.

  Tap here to see it...

Tap here to see it...

It's a one-time thing.

As you go through the chapters of Angelboy, previous chapters will lock behind you so you can't read them again! So... when things get crazy, you will need to remember what happens the first time! 

If you do finish, and you want to read it twice then...

...You can't. Sorry.

You will have to get the paperback book.

(Or you can borrow a friend's phone and read it there... one or the other...)


What is the story?

Cyrus' life ends with a flash and a bang as the bullet enters his heart. Moments later, he opens his eyes to find his body changed, sporting a new pair of... angel wings? Something's definitely not right here... Unable to be seen or heard by anyone, he ventures out on his own. Then he finds a crucified figure in an abandoned church. Digging deeper, Cyrus discovers the darkness of humanity-- not only in form of the sadistic sociopath behind the violence, but even worse, the literal demon invading his mind. 

That's the story. But of course, there is much more than this. You'll have to see for yourself...


Wait, why can I only read it once?

Angelboy is a very special webcomic. In fact, it's not supposed to be a webcomic at all, but a physical book.

To put it simply: I retain more of what I read when I have a physical book in my hands. It's so nice to grab a book and leave my phone and laptop in another room and just read for an hour.

And now I want you to have that same experience, and read my work the way it was meant to be read.

With a two-page layout.

In a physical book.

Without distractions.

Read it again and again and again.