Read once. Remember forever.



As you go through the chapters of Angelboy, the old chapters will lock behind you so you can't read them twice! 

So if you reach the end, and want to read it again, then...

...You can't. Sorry.

You will have to get the book.

(Protip: You can grab a friend's phone and read it there.)


Wait, why can I only read it once?

I was really frustrated.

I had pitched my book to some US publishers. Though every one was amazed by it, they said they could not sell it since it's too unique. 

SoI thought I'd sell it on the web. But sites like Kickstarter and Patreon need a great deal of hustle to stand out from the crowd and make it look like you've got something good. I did not want to stuff my site with ads... My work can speak for itself. 

Surely there had to be a better way... After all, I found I could sell to people instantly by simply showing them the art and telling them the story.

And then I had an idea...

i wasnt sure what to think but ive read it 40 times and loved it each time thank you for writing this
— Amazon Review
I purchased both volumes this past Saturday at Supercon in Raleigh and i went through both of them TWICE on the ride home Sunday...
— Fan Feedback
I loved it! I read it like 80 times
— Fan Feedback

...What if I let you read it once and only once?

If Angelboy really is that good, then you'll come back for more. And if you don't like it-- well, that's ok. It's not for everyone. 

This is a great idea-- not just for me, but for webcomic artists all over who need a better crowdfunding model. As both a bestselling author and a chief engineer at my day job, I know how hard it can be for artists to both build a site and market it.

The more people support this "read-it-once" model, the more I'm going to share this paradigm to help others find success too.

I hope you'll enjoy Angelboy, but don't take my word for it. Read it once and see for yourself.