Angelboy Vol. 1


Angelboy Vol. 1


Cyrus' life ends with a flash and a bang as the bullet enters his heart. Moments later, he opens his eyes to find his body changed, sporting a new pair of... angel wings? Something's definitely not right here... Unable to be seen or heard by anyone and with no one guiding him, Cyrus strikes out on his own as he attempts to make up for his wasted life. At first he is merely observing, but he quickly becomes more involved as the darkness of humanity reveals itself. He does his best to help, but then must decide what his place in the world will be--and whether he will pursue active or passive peace.

New edition features a revised cover and storyline.

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ANGELBOY is a beautifully illustrated Manga comic that delivers when it comes to plot, depth and anticipation. The illustrations are superb — Beguesse is a gifted Manga artist and her artwork alone makes this book worth reading.
— IndieReader
A tale with an ethereal hero that’s just getting started, but profound nonetheless, and illustrative in every sense.
— Kirkus Reviews
A fast-paced manga with an engaging story.
— Kayti Nika Raet, author of Niko
When I opened up a copy of volume 1 and glanced through as she was talking, I could see that she had placed a bit of her soul in each page of this book... I did love it and cannot wait for Vol. 2.
— Seth Greenwood, author of Gale