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Angelboy Volume 1

Cyrus' life ends with a flash and a bang as the bullet enters his heart. Moments later, he opens his eyes to find his body changed, sporting a new pair of... angel wings? Something's definitely not right here... Unable to be seen or heard by anyone, he strikes out on his own. Then he finds a crucified figure in an abandoned church. Digging deeper, Cyrus discovers the darkness of humanity-- not only in form of the sadistic sociopath behind the violence, but even worse, the literal demon invading his mind. As Cyrus struggles to help, he must make a decision: to become a force for good, must he become a predator just like the ones he is trying to stop?

By N. M. Beguesse
Resonates with anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider.
— Publisher's Weekly Select
ANGELBOY is a beautifully illustrated Manga comic that delivers when it comes to plot, depth and anticipation. The illustrations are superb — Beguesse is a gifted Manga artist and her artwork alone makes this book worth reading.
— IndieReader
A tale with an ethereal hero that’s just getting started, but profound nonetheless, and illustrative in every sense.
— Kirkus Reviews
A profoundly moving story.
— Books Direct
I could see that she had placed a bit of her soul in each page of this book.
— Seth Greenwood, author of Gale

Angelboy Volume 2

On his journey back home, Cyrus-- an angel who fell from heaven-- gets involved in an intruiging adventure he could have never imagined! He comes across an inmate escaped from the insane asylum, but some things are not as they appear on the surface. Who is the real villain-- The salaryman whose soul suddenly took a diabolical turn? Or the corrupt mayor pulling the strings behind the scenes? What ensues is a chase across the city pitting two childhood friends against one another.

By N. M. Beguesse
I was stunned at the depth of story telling that’s possible in a graphic novel, in the hands of a story talented author... I’m truly amazed at how multi faceted her work is.
— Amazon Review
ANGELBOY VOL. 2 is a gorgeous work of art full of evocative imagery. A dark, thought-provoking tale steeped in a gritty urban backdrop that’s as alluring as it is dangerous.
— IndieReader
Dark and emotional.
— Books Direct

How to Break Writer's Block Today

As the sole author, illustrator and publisher of my own indie manga series, people often ask me how I achieve my prodigious productivity and motivation. I outlined my process in this new book. Every other book on writer's block gives you the same old techniques, such as "just start writing". But what they don't tell you is how those techniques work--that is, if they work at all. In How To Break Writer's Block Today & Where To Get Ieas, I provide a solution that works instantly, every time, and explains how it works. By balancing philosophical and theoretical explorations of the creativity, this book is filled with hard, practical actions to jump-start your creative instinct and start writing right now.

By N. M. Beguesse
It stands out among similar guidebooks...It’s illuminating not just for writers, but for anyone trying to unleash more creative and productive energy.
— Foreword Reviews
An easy, one-sitting read and motivational tool. New writers, especially, are likely to find the author’s passion contagious.
— BlueInk Reviews
How to Break Writer’s Block Today is an unconventional book of fantastic advice for writers that focuses on bringing the joy back into life and writing. This book is not your typical self-help book.
— Amazon Review